Bromo entrance fee price 2022 - Update!

Bromo entrance fee price 2022 - Update!

Bromo entrance fee price 2022

Bromo entrance fee price 2022 is the most important NEWS must You known before entering Mt Bromo national park conterminous with huge visitors who always full in this volcano tourism, The entrance fee price ticket raise much higher than 2014 - 2017. The change of entrance fee cost make the visitors aware that the price of the tour package much more expensive than previous era.

Bromo entrance ticket price change increase higher since 5 May 2014 and every year sometimes increases depending on the season such as holidays, Weekend, Weekday, Idul Fitri season, Christmas Season and Hinduism Anniversary.

Although the entrance fee ticket known very high than other tourism But this volcano never empty of visitors coming from all the world in all season, because it is really has amazing views with various interested places.

Some reality that Mt Bromo entrance ticket raise :
  • Mount Bromo National Park known as the most iconic tourism Indonesia has become the main destination for visitors from all the world 
  • There are various interested places to see the Sunrise and other views that consist of Pananjakan (the higghest peak), Kingkong Peak, Love Hill and Seruni Point 
  • This mountain has unique the Crater because located in the middle caldera that surrounded by Sea of Sand and mountain 
  • Cold and fresh temperature make the visitors never feel saturates 
  • This volcano also known as the best place to shoot Mount Bromo Milky Way or Galaxy 
  • Beside of the Crater consist of huge green grass namely Savannah desert, and located closed with Whispering Sand 

Mt Bromo entrance fees price 2022

weekday weekend
IDR 220.000 IDR 320.000

If You are interesting to enjoy Mount Bromo Milky Way tour, or other tour package, You can make the tour booking within 2 months before your trip go on because this volcano tourism always heavy of visitors. So We can provided your tour facility enoughly.

We are the private tour organizer at Probolinggo East Java located near Bromo mountain will serve your order for more and maximum visitors amount, You only inform Us the kind of Mt Bromo tour package prefer You need, duration and tour facility prefer You need. for more information about Bromo tour package, You can visit Our Contact.

Mt Bromo entrance fee price 2022