Our policy regarding pandemics (Covid19)

Mount Bromo Tour Guide makes the health, safety and security of our employees a priority. Based on health protocols, we also provide the best level of service to our customers. We provide regular updates on coronavirus awareness and preparedness to registrars, registrants and all stakeholders through this site.

Today, we are announcing an important update to our health protocol policy. This is done to help us maximize our support to clients and ensure high standards of safety, health and well-being for them and our employees.

We implemented a health protocol policy at the start of the virus and have updated the policy periodically as the situation progresses, ensuring that we have the right protection for everyone and our clients at the right time.

As countries move beyond the post-lockdown phase, with further easing of restrictions, greater movement of people in society but a continuing risk of new infections or outbreaks, we are preparing for this by launching an updated Health Protocol Policy.

The main aspects of the health protocol policy are:

  • The very extensive control, hygiene and preventive measures we are implementing under lockdown - including Covid-related sanitation in our facilities - will continue
  • All employees are required to wear face masks, including when traveling on public transport and on trips to work - and we have secured this supply for all of our employees
  • We will maintain a minimum social distance of one (1) meter (or more, if required by local law) between people at our facilities
  • We will continue to require our customers to comply with certain health and safety requirements
  • We will continue to impose full restrictions on travel by our employees
  • All employees visiting clients or field sites are required to wear face masks and at a minimum adhere to our own control, hygiene and precautions
  • In addition to our health protocol policies, we have issued further communications to all people related to business processes in line with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how to minimize the risk of viral infection to them and others by taking effective hygiene measures and avoiding situations where risk of infection and spread of Covid-19.

Today the situation continues to develop; we continue to monitor very closely and we will provide regular updates.