4 important tips before climbing Ranu Kumbolo

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4 important tips before climbing Kumbolo Lake

Tips before climbing Kumbolo Lake. Kumbolo Lake is a favorite spot for mounters of Mount Semeru. For beginner climbers who want to go there, there are a number of things that must be considered.

The Kumbolo location of filmmaking always makes me curious to be visited. One of them is a 5 CM film that takes place in Kumbolo Lake and the peak of Mahameru. Not only for professional climbers interested in trying out, but also for beginner climbers who have never even imagined what it's like to climb a mountain.

Because of the beauty of Kumbolo Lake Semeru, many of the novice climbers who chose bonek or desperate bondo were able to get to Mahameru Peak. Even if the physical condition is not used to the weather and the mountain conditions are dangerous, you know.

Especially if you feel tired climb to Kumbolo Lake, and need intake. It is better if the beginner climber to Kumbolo Lake first because at the beginning of September the condition of the wind is quite strong and cold which can reach -15 degrees Celsius.

Tips before climbing Kumbolo Lake for beginners

Well even though it's only up to Kumbolo Lake, but preparation must also be maximal especially for beginner climbers.

1. Shoes

This is the most important thing for going up to Kumbolo Lake. Don't wear shoes slip on because you want to look tired. Wear shoes that don't slip easily on the ground because the road conditions are quite sandy.

2. Heating

If you never go up in the mountains and exercise, you will definitely want to go down because your breath is not strong enough to make your way for about 5 hours to Semeru. It's better to do a small stretching on Ranu Pani.

3. Medicine

The drug is not only for the sick, but can be in the form of vitamins or even honey. Now don't just think for yourself, but it's better to bring more to give to other friends who need it. It will be difficult if there are friends in one group who are sick.

4. Health conditions

One condition for riding to Semeru is a healthy letter. Don't even think about making a fake healthy letter because you will lose yourself and other friends, of course. Oh yes, it must be at least 1 day before departure for manufacture.

Even though the road to Kumbolo Lake is horrifying, but for beginner climbers it is more than enough for learning and which obviously makes it addictive. So, are you still hesitant to climb?

Thus information about tips before climbing kumbolo lake may be useful, and can be used as a reference to climb Mount Semeru. For information about prices and mount Bromo tour package please contact us.

Tips before climbing Kumbolo Lake