New rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo

New rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo

rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo

Rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo

New rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo. Ranu Kumbolo is a lake located at the foot of Mount Semeru (the highest mountain in Java). With a total area of ​​15 hectares, Kumbolo lake is the prima donna of the Semeru climbers, because of its natural beauty as well as a route for climbing Mount Semeru.

Because of its natural beauty, then as climbers we must always take care of it. Whether it's cleanliness and authenticity. TN-BTS also made rules to guide Semeru climbers. This rule was made to improve order and environmental sustainability in the Kumbolo lake area.

Rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo

Here are some rules for camp in Ranu Kumbolo that you might not know.

1. There are two areas that can be used to set up a tent, besides the area is better, climbers do not try to build a tent there

The first camping rules in the Kumbolo lake relate to the area of ​​the tent establishment. Actually, there was no change regarding the establishment of tents in Ranu Kumbolo. This year, climbers are still advised to set up tents in the savanna area near the fourth post and near the shelter behind the hill that surrounds the Kumbolo lake.

In addition to the area mentioned, climbers are not allowed to set up tents. This is due to the existence of certain areas which are sacred to local residents. So, if you don't want undesirable things to happen, it's better to set up a tent in a designated place.

2. Tents that are erected must also be in accordance with the boundary line set

In order for the tent to stand neatly, the boundaries of Ranu Kumbolo have been fitted with borders to set up a tent more than 15 meters from the lip of the Kumbolo lake.

In fact, even if the Kumbolo lake is still polluted with a lot of food waste, it is not impossible that the distance between the Kumbolo lake and the location of the tent will be faded away.

3. Climbers are allowed to wash cooking utensils, but watch the location wash them

While the rules of camping in Ranu Kombolo then relate to the problem of washing cooking supplies, cutlery, and others. That needs to be noted, climbers are only allowed to wash in the area with a distance of 15 meters from the edge of Kumbolo lake.

In addition, all climbers are required to make excavated land as a place to wash and dispose of food waste. The hope, with climbers burying food waste (organic waste), then the waste will decompose properly.

Then, even climbers are not allowed to take water in the lake by using nesting or eating equipment that still contains oil. It is feared that the remaining oil content will pollute the lake. Climbers can take water with a clean drink bottle.

4. Even though wet toilets are available, climbers must know the correct rules for defecating while on the mountain

At present, Mount Semeru has facilitated climbers with the construction of wet toilets. The toilet is wet, meaning the toilet provides water for rinsing. There have been a total of 6 wet toilet booths available in the lake area. However, the wet toilet has not been drained, so climbers must take water in Ranu Kumbolo.

In addition, if the toilet is in a crowded condition, climbers can defecate in open areas, but not carelessly. Climbers must find a location to dispose of water with a minimum distance of 15 meters from the edge of the lake. How do you dispose of good water on the mountain? You can read the following tips.

5. Old rules that continue to be upheld, climbers may not bathe and swim in Ranu Kumbolo lake

The camping rules in this one Ranu Kumbolo have long been applied. Climbers are prohibited from bathing and swimming in the lake, but there are still people who do it.

Did you know, bathing in the middle of Ranu Kumbulo lake is very dangerous. First, the lake's water temperature is unpredictable, quite extreme. Then, Ranu Kumbolo lake has an depth of about 28 meters, which is very dangerous if suddenly cramps and things happen that are not desirable.

Terrible case about violating the rules of swimming in Ranu Kumbolo happened in 2005 where a climber was found dead because of swimming in a lake. At that moment, his body cramped and sank. His body was only found three days in a floating state.

6. Climbers are prohibited from making bonfires, but the manager has provided it instead

The last camping rules in Ranu Kumbolo are prohibitions on making bonfires. The main reason why this activity is so prohibited is because nowadays wood trees around Lake Ranukumbolo are running low.

Instead, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park will prepare a campfire near the shelter that can strengthen the relationship between one climber and another.

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New rules for camping in Ranu Kumbolo