How to enjoy Milky Way tour on Mount Bromo by Camping

How to enjoy Milky Way on Mount Bromo by Camping

How to enjoy Milky Way tour on Mount Bromo by Camping

How to enjoy Milky Way on Mt Bromo by Camp also called Galaxy, Its the nature process have mostly admired as the God Creation, Most photographers have desired to book the Milky Way photography, especially on highest peak because this volcano has some interetsed place to enjoy the Stargazing Photography. The best time to start the Stargazing Photography between April - November, Around this months the weather already clear especially when there is not moonlight.

To get good picture for Milky Way on Mt Bromo, you can make 1 night camp on Pananjakan, Kingkong Peak, Argo Wulan Hill and Seruni Point. These places mostly recommended for all visitors because consist of good angles and convenience place. Although all these places have recommended, it still depend on the weather. When the weather is clear without any foggy, You will success creat the good the Milky Way picture.

How to enjoy Milky Way Photography on Mt Bromo by Camping

  1. Before begin your trip, You must have good stamina because You will stay up all nights waiting Mount Bromo Miky Way time on highest peak with extreme cold temperature.
  2. Suitable Cameras, lenses, tripods, Lamp and other suitable tools must prepared to creat perfect picture.
  3. Dont forget to bring some nutrition meals, drinks and other kinds requirements in order You can make longer adaptation because there are not any food stores opened at night time.
  4. The most important things, You must visit this place at the time clear season around April - November.
If you are interested enjoy Milky Way Photography package by camping, You must take the flight arrival in Surabaya Airport at 11.00 AM - 12.00 PM because the trip duration from Surabaya to Cemoro Lawang is 3 hours using car. For detail information about Mount Bromo tour package, price and facility, You can click button below.

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How to enjoy Milky Way tour package on Mt Bromo by Camping