Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi

Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi

green bay beach banyuwangi - mt bromo tour guide

Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi also called Teluk Hijau Beach, Its located in Meru Betiri National Park, Sarongan Village, Pesanggrahan Subdistrict of Banyuwangi, East Java. The distance from the Banyuwangi City about 90 kilometers that can be reached approximately 2 hours by Car or motorbike. The Access to the Green Bay can be passed through the Rajegwesi coastal route using a boat.

Green Bay Banyuwangi has similar landscape with Tanjung Layar Bayah of Banten. This coast had found by netizens in mid-2015. Until now, some travelers make this tourist spot as one of the visited destinations in Banyuwangi.

Stone Beach of Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi

Teluk Hijau Beach is safe for swim. The waves are not too dangerous but you must be careful. Even more interesting in the same place is Batu beach. This destination also called a Stone Beach because the coastal beaches are not only covered with soft white sand, but almost completely covered by clean rocks has been arranged neatly. In fact, the rocks are arranged naturally.

Some native people mentioned that the existance of rocks arranged after the beach Stone was hit by big waves around 1994. First time, this place is similar with Teluk Hijau which has soft white sand. But after the great waves hit hardly, the sand is naturally covered with rocks that add to the uniqueness of Batu Beach. Until now some people named with that's name.

The distance between Batu beach and Green Bay Beach is not too far only about 300 meters. Even the east and west side of this destination is high corals making difficult to access if the visitors passed by along the beach that usually used as a corridor to Green Bay.

The beauty of Teluk Hijau Beach | Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi not enough enjoyed in 1 day. If you are planning to set up a tent, you should be coordinated with the manager at Rajegwesi because Teluk Hijau area located in Meru Betiri National Park. If You you dont make a permission to stay longer, It's worried you meet wildlife that sometime walk to the Green Bay beach. So, you should coordinate first with Meru Betiri National Park officers.

One of the interesting views in this place is a charm waterfall. The existence of a natural waterfall in Green Bay Beach makes more special. Located about 21 meters from Teluk Hijau. the best time to enjoy the waterfall is in rainy season because river water flow bigger. However, it does not make road access easier. During the rainy season the road access will be more challenging because it is slippery.

Teluk Hijau | Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi is one of the interesting natural tourism in Banyuwangi, Other interesting places will easy find If You have more time in Banyuwangi, Another places that also visited by visitors consist of Ijen Crater, Baluran National Park, Sukamade and still many more.

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Green Bay Beach East Java Island