Pre wedding Photography on Mount Bromo

Pre wedding Photography on Mount Bromo

Pre wedding Photography on Mount Bromo

Pre wedding Photography on Mount Bromo. If You are the special trip for Prewedding photographers, You can try an exclusive prewedding shoot at Mount Bromo have always released along season.

Prewedding Photography tour on Mt Bromo

Before You have planning to make Prewedding shoot at Mount Bromo, You can read some recommendation places below.

Pre Wedding on Pananjakan Peak

Mt Bromo peak has 2,770 meters high, known as the highest top then other peaks. Most visitors usually use this place to enjoy Mt Bromo Sunrise tour, and other views. This place is one of one best place for making Prewedding Shoot because have all side views such as Mt Batok, Mt Kursi, Crater, Massive Sea Sand and Semeru volcano summit.

To reach the Pananjakan (place to see Sunrise), very recommended using private Jeep 4 WD from your hotels because this peak has steep route and many curves. most visitors choose enjoy the Mt Sunrise, Mount Bromo Milky Way tour, Sunset, and Pre-wedding tour package here. But this place normally have heavy visitors due to all visitors have plan for Sunrise to this peak. If You dont like crowd people situation, You can choose other place have We recommended.

Pre Wedding on Kingkong Peak

Kingkong Peak has 2,500 meters high, its name derived from many monkeys since long time ago when Mount Bromo still not erupted bigly, The Kingkong Top located under Mt Pananjakan, also good for Sunrise tour package, Sunset, Milky Way, Mount Bromo Prewedding tour. If You want to make a prewedding on this peak, You can stay in nearby hotels and using the Jeep 4 WD.

Love Hill

The named Love Hill derived from a folklore that this hill was used as relax place for Roro Anteng and Joko Seger (Tengger) wherein They had meet first time on Love Hill. It has 2,350 meters high, also placeto enjoy Mount Bromo sunrise tour, Milky Way tour. You must also use the Jeep from nearby hotels because its located lower of Kingkong plateu.

Seruni Point

Seruni Point Bromo mountain also best place to see Sunrise, Milky Way tour and Prewedding shoot, Most visitors choose this places because this place possible reached by trekking with duration 2 hours from nearby hotels. Seruni Point has 2,500 meters high.

Savannah Hill

Savanna Hill mostly become the main destination especially when the rainy season going on. Savannah valley located near from the Crater, about 1 kilometers from Mt Bromo that only possible reached by Private Jeep 4 WD for 15 minutes driving from Hotel around Cemoro Lawang.

Savannah Hill, also called Bukit Teletubis. This place contain huge of masssive green grass surrounded high mountain. This valley able creat the best background for Prewedding Shoot.

Prewedding tour on Whispering Sand Mt Bromo

Whispering Sand also recommended by Us, It is contain black and smooth Sand. Whispering Sand is very suitable used as Mt Bromo Background, Shooting for romantic film, Pose and selfie. Whispering Sand located 300 meters from Savanna Hill and about 15 minutes by Jeep 4 WD.

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If You have planning to make Prewedding shoot on Mount Bromo, Hope You make the tour booking within 2 months before in order We can make enough facility because Bromo tourism always fulled by visitors. For detail information about Mount Bromo tour package and other request, You can visit Our tour booking.

Pre wedding Photography on Mt Bromo