Tips to start the Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo

Tips to start the Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo

Tips to start the Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo

Tips to start the Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo. When we find the sky on a clear night, we can certainly see the heavenly bodies lit up clearly. When Mt Bromo already in full moon or moon appears, the dominant light that shines at night is sunlight.

Well, if we find a bright night without a visible moon, then we will be treated to a stunning view of the universe. In the sky will look many stars scattered beautifully, gather and form a constellation or form a group of stars. Among the constellations, sometimes if we are lucky we will see some kind of trajectory in the sky. Trajectory is part of the galaxy where we are today, the Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo or otherwise known as the Milky Way Photography tour.

The Stargazing Photography tour at Bromo mountain also called as Milky Way Photography tour consists of billions of stars that are so beautiful when it captures our senses. Well, more fun if we can capture the moment taken the Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography. Friends - friends who have the camera getting ready with the equipment because this moment is much sought after to be immortalized in the photo frame.

Tips to start the Milky Way tour package on Bromo mountain

Of course before do the Tips for Milky Way Photography tour at Bromo peak, there are some things that need to be prepared and planned so that we can get fantastic photos. Here are some things we need to prepare for a successful in Bromo Milky Way Photography.

1. Find a very dark location
First tips, The main requirement to get a maximum Bromo Galaxy photography tour is to shoot in a minimal place with light pollution. This light pollution arises because the light bias received by the sky is too much, causing the original light from the star to be flooded with the light generated by activity on Earth.

Usually the light pollution we get if it is in densely populated urban areas. Therefore, most of the Stargazing photographers choose the best locations to start Mount Bromo Milky Way photography tour in the highlands or in the mountains, especially on Mount Bromo tour with stunning panoramas. Or it could be in the forest area or many have lush trees that can absorb excess light.

2. Make sure the Galaxy position on Mount Bromo peak
The second tips, Before we start Bromo Galaxy tour, we must make sure first when it looks and will be seen in which position. There are great apps to help determine the location of stars and Stargazing and other space objects, which can be downloaded through the smartphone app is Stellarium. Now with this app, we will know the position and time when the Galaxy appears to get the Milky Way Photography tour on Mt Bromo.

3. Select the Right Time
The third tips is important to make sure to shoot when the Stargazing is the time that appears. In the previous points have been described also can know the time of emergence of Mount Bromo Galaxy from Stellarium smartphone applications. But it is also important to remember that stars can appear clearly if there is no more dominant light than that, including the moon.

Avoid also photographing on the full moon because the light will beat the light emitted by starlight or Mount Bromo Milky Way.

4. Prepare a support tool
Forth tips, The camera is definitely something to be prepared with good conditions. In addition to the camera there are some extras that need attention. The first is the recommended use of camera lenses to use lenses with large diaphagrama, with a maximum aperture of f / 2.8. However, if you do not have this lens, using a standard lens can also.

Second, the additional tool needed is a tripod, because we will shoot in low light conditions it will use a slow shutter speed. The purpose of this tripod is to avoid faltering or opaque when the shutter is working.

5. Camera Settings
Fifth tips, Not much can be installed in our camera, quite easily. First, set the diaphragm to the smallest number so that the diaphragm will be wide open. Secondly, setting our ISO camera at 3200 or 1600. Of course this figure is not a benchmark because later we can see the best results in this ISO setting.

The good setting of this ISO is that minimal noise with incoming light is enough. Third, use slow shutter speed or shutter speed or low, can be set about 15 to 30 seconds. Use manual settings in focus. Set focus to the furthest distance.

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Tips to start the Galaxy tour package in Mount Bromo