4 Things you can enjoy Mount Bromo tour on July

4 Things you can enjoy Mount Bromo tour on July

4 Things you can enjoy Mt Bromo tour on July

In July, where will your vacation destination go? If you want to enjoy Mount Bromo tour on July, The tourist attractions that offer the beauty of tourism by combining nature, music, and culture, I have the right answer for you. Let's do Mount Bromo tour.

Mt Bromo travel package offer incredible natural beauty. This mountain is quite unique because the characteristics of the mountainous region look like forming artistic green streaks when observed from a distance. The scenery was even more beautiful when a thin mist wrapped her body in the morning. If You have plan your trip on July, you can enjoy some of these activities.

"Yadnya Kasada tour" The Ceremony Ritual

July schedule for Mount Bromo

Mt Bromo trip for Yadnya Kasada has purpose to see the ritual ceremony of the Tengger tribe on Mt Bromo by giving offerings to Sang Hyang Widhi. The customary procession is generally held on the 14th day of Kasada Month, which is every Full Moon. 

In addition, Yadnya Kasada is also an expression of gratitude and request to Sang Hyang Widhi through a series of activities that began with "Mendhak Tirta" (taking holy water). The event ended with throwing offerings to the crater. 

The event also held the election event "Dukun Tengger". Namely the traditional leaders of each ethnic group. To welcome the cultural ritual was held which brought together the peaks of Indonesian art that were served in the sand sea of ​​Mt Bromo.

Enjoying "Mount Bromo Sunrise tour package"

Coming to this mountain, the most not to miss is enjoying the Bromo sunrise tour package. The best month to enjoy the sunrise is the range of June, July, and August. Coming on July is the right time. During the dry season like this July, the amount of fog is not too much, so that the combination views, the surrounding mountains, the sun rises and the thin fog covering the mountains, making the beautiful morning will not be forgotten. There are several places that you can use to enjoy the sunrise tour, among them, are Penanjakan Peak, Bukit Cinta, Puncak Seruni Point, and Mentigen Hill.

"Jazz Gunung" Music Festival

July schedule for Mount Bromo

Jazz Gunung Bromo is an international jazz performance performed in the Mount Bromo area. Usually, this event is held at the Amphitheater Jiwa Jawa Hotel & Resort. In this event, both national and international musicians were presented. They will later appear on the amphitheater which is an open sky-roofed natural location with a beautiful natural scenery background.

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The best time for Mount Bromo Milky Way tour

When the weather is good, of course, this is a moment where you can see the mountain sky filled with the ranks of the Milky Way. By combining the 3 tourist charms above, surely it would not be complete if you did not do a photoshoot tour of what you have experienced. And the Mount Bromo Milky Way is the culmination of that fun. You can feel the chill on this mountain, enjoy coffee, and wait for the right moment to do galaxy shooting while camping. Because the Milky Way is one of the best in the world.

That is what we can say about what event was held on this mountain on July. To book Mount Bromo tour package, accommodation and tour package facilities, please contact us.