Kapas Biru waterfall tourist attraction in Lumajang

Kapas Biru waterfall tourist attraction in Lumajang

Kapas Biru waterfall tourist attraction in Lumajang

Kapas Biru waterfall in Lumajang. Lumajang Regency is located on the slopes of Mount Semeru, making this city in East Java have a variety of natural attractions that become tourist destinations. There are so many tourist attractions that can fascinate visitors when they come to Lumajang. Starting from the hills, wide valleys and waterfall.

This district is also known as a waterfall paradise, there are several waterfall tourist attractions that have attractions such as the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. Not only that, but this city also has a waterfall that is becoming the belle of tourists, namely the Kapas Biru Lumajang waterfall tour.

Kapas Biru waterfall tourist attraction in Lumajang

Kapas Biru waterfall tourist attraction

This destination is a major tourist destination for tourists who love natural tourist destinations. This waterfall tourist attraction has a height of 15 meters, the source of which comes from the tributary of the Besukbang, which is located in Semeru Mountain.

In this place, you can feel the cool air typical of a falls, the thrill of playing water and doing other activities that can challenge your adrenaline.

Named so because, on the side of the waterfall, there is a bluish color that looks if we look at it from a distance. The appearance of that color is what causes this place to be named as Kapas Biru waterfall.

Besides having a beautiful natural panorama around the area, good management of the residents also plays a role in the popularity of this waterfall tourist attraction.

To be able to reach the Kapas Biru location, tourists have to walk about 1 kilometer and need 35 minutes. Access roads are good, there are steps that are arranged neatly and are equipped with a long iron for handrails. Although you have to travel a long and tiring distance, during the trip you can see the beauty of the residents' rice fields and other beautiful scenery.

In the middle of the Kapas Biru tour, you meet a simple bridge made of bamboo and under this bridge flowing clear water. Be careful when crossing the bridge because it is a little slippery. This place is a favorite for tourists to take pictures.

This tourist attraction has a tour facilities such as parking areas for two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels, a small mosque, public toilets, food stalls, and tour guides.

The long journey and must be taken on foot is hard and tiring, but the feeling will all be relieved after reaching the destination location. The surrounding atmosphere is still quiet and the trees are tall and dense, adding fresh air in the area around the Kapas Biru falls.

The available facilities are minimal and simple, but this is not a problem for tourists. The natural atmosphere and freshwater flowing at this location are the main attraction for tourists. They are willing to come all the way here bypassing heavy road access only to see first hand the waterfall tourist attraction with a height of 15 meters that stands proudly. Large cliffs, large rocks, and many trees add to the thick atmosphere of nature at this place.

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Kapas Biru waterfall tourist attraction in Lumajang