The Best Time To Visit Mount Bromo

The Best Time To Visit Mount Bromo

The Best Time to Visit Mount Bromo

The best time to visit Mount Bromo is on April - November, This month is the best time to visit Mount Bromo because the weather is clear. This mountain known as the most visited volcano in Indonesia located in Ngadisari village. most tourist never stop visit this tourism due to has good temperature and consist of interesting places.

Some interesting places in Mount Bromo consist of Savannah Hill, Whispering Sand, massive Sea of Sand, Mt Batok, and Pura Luhur Poten usually used as ritual for hinduism commonities, The ancient ritual called The Yadnya Kasodo.

The best time to see Mount Bromo Sunrise is on April - November. To visit the best place like Pananjakan, Kingkong and Seruni Point peak need 4 wheel drive Jeep because the route is winding and steep route. You must stay at hotel near Mount Bromo and leave your hotel at 02.30 AM (early morning). The landscapes on these peaks very interesting. From this place, You will able shoot Mount Bromo Milky Way, Sunrise, Mount Bromo Sunset and better as the place for Mount Bromo Prewdding Photography.

The best time to visit Mount Bromo informed for all tourists In order able creat great shoot, perfect picture and satified memories during do Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and other vacation purpose.

The best time to visit Mount Bromo

1. Dry season (April to September)

The views will seem beautiful on dry season. The sky on Mount Bromo mountain peak is usually bright without being covered with clouds and looks very blue. This is the right season to watch the beautiful of Sunrise view. Besides that, you can also try Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography when the weather is good supported with fresh temperature.

When you visit on dry season time, which is surrounded by a sea of ​​sand makes more flying dust plus air temperatures are also cooler when compared to when the rainy season.

2. Transition season (April to May)

Advantages :
In the transitional season time which is usually found in April to May, usually plants, such as grass and trees, grow very fertile such as Savannah Hill or called Teletubbies hill.

In this season it rains still fall hugely, so your chances of getting the Sunrise or Milky way photography are low.

3. Yadnya Kasada Ceremony

Advantages :
Enjoying the beauty of Sunrise while watching the traditional ceremonies of the local tribe will surely be a unique and unforgettable moment. The Yadnya Kasada ceremony usually takes place around June or July this year.

In this ceremony, you will watch the results of rice fields, fields and livestock from surrounding communities thrown into this volcano crater. A ceremony is a form of sacrifice that is intended as a sign of gratitude to God Almighty. For detailed information, you can read the article "Yadnya Kasada Mount Bromo"

In that month this mountain tourism region is still experiencing a rainy season so that it can slightly disrupt your comfort when travelling to Mount Bromo.

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