Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi East Java

Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi

Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi East Java

Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi is a beach resort with a stone view stands very high at 10 meters in the middle road of Banyuwangi to Bali Island.

The gigantic stones are visible when you travel Banyuwangi to Situbondo via Pantura, Watu Dodol beach tour is marked by a very large Stone and Gandrung statue which is an icon of Banyuwangi City. When you see a big rock in the middle road and statue, it means you have arrived at Watu Dodol Beach of Watu Dodol.

The beauty of Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi

Watu Dodol Beach East Java

At Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi, you will be able to see the island of Bali. In addition, you will also be able to watch the ships crossing the Bali strait from the Ketapang ferry port and Gilimanuk port. If you want to see all the sights from the hills, Just climb the hill through the Beach crossing the road, the tourists will be more flexible watching the existing panorama around Watu Dodol Beach. Moreover, the island of Bali can be seen with a wider range from here.

Another interesting moment, you can bathe in the sea, because the Watu Dodol Beach conditions are not dangerous for swimming activities. This place also supports the tourists who have a hobby of fishing by providing a small boat. With this boat, tourists can sail to the sea for fishing. To know the place there are plenty of fish and will be guided by boat drivers.

In addition to Gandrung statue and beautiful beaches, the island of Bali is visible from here. You can see the ferry crossing from Ketapang harbor to Gilimanuk.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful panorama of the sea, visitors can also climb a hill that is located just across the road, in this hill has provided a track to pass by visitors. Arriving at the top of the hill, visitors can see the panorama of Bali strait more spacious and beautiful.

On the beach this tour has available stalls that provide a variety of food and beverages. There are also souvenir kiosks that provide handicraft items made from raw shellfish and rocks.

If we go down to the beach area, there is a miracle. Strange but real, in Watu Dodol Beach there is a fresh water source. When the tide, sea water can get into this water source, but the water is still not salty. Fresh water that comes out of the rocks is believed to be useful to cure various diseases, so that by the surrounding population made a barrier of stone and built like a well. For those who want to take the water can use bucket.

Watu Dodol Beach East Java

For the people of Bali ahead of the holy day like Waisak, always meet this place. In addition to visiting fresh water wells, Balinese especially truck drivers often stop at Watudodol Beach to give offerings on this stone, such as flowers, fruits, money and so on.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature under the sea or hobby fishing, you can rent a fishing boat. Or simply walk down Watu Dodol Beach playing or bathing sea water and afterwards can enjoy the coconut ice that is sold by traders along the beach.

Another uniqueness that can be found on the beach Watu Dodol is a rock that looks different from most rocks. The rocks at this destination are shiny black and very hard. Cactus plants are also widely found growing around the rocks.

In this beach destination you can watching two bunker (defense and hideout) built and used during the Japanese occupation (1942 - 1945).

On certain days in the coastal region watu dodol Beach sail race held a race as a series of sea picking ceremony or the party of the fishermen as a thanksgiving for the seafood obtained for a year.

When the water recedes you can descend the cliff that is located east of Watu Dodol Beach, exactly under the statue of gandrung which is a mascot as well as traditional dances that are often held in Banyuwangi.

The Mystery of the Big Stone Watu Dodol Beach

Watu Dodol Beach Banyuwangi - Mount Bromo Tour Package

For those of you who are just returning or going to Bali, take a moment to look at the big rock that is located right in the middle of the road in Watu Dodol Beach of Banyuwangi, not far from Gandrung statue. Large stones with a diameter of about 15 meters and a height of more than 10 meters, dark colors with a solid texture and very hard. It is said that the stone was moved several times, overthrown or destroyed in various ways such as withdrawn and detonated, but all attempts failed.

This is what makes the stone located 15 km north of the city called Banyuwangi 'watu dodol' or rock hard and hard. But there is also another version of the origin of the name Watu Dodol, which is said at that time there is a Balinese King who will apply for the Blambangan princess going to war. When this battle was brought dodol spilled on this beach.

This stone becomes unique because it has its own history and mystical story in it. This area was once used as a place of defense and protection of Japanese troops during World War II. Because it is considered disturbing, about 10 adult hugs of adults today by Japanese soldiers ever wanted to be moved.

However, although dozens of people were deployed to cut the stone to be overthrown, it did not bring results. Then the Japanese decided to take the stone with the ship withdrawn. It turns out the stone still does not move. Reportedly even the attractive ship was drowned.

In addition to the charm of beauty and mystique, Watudodol keeps an interesting historical record. Watudodol is the gateway to the easternmost region of Java. Soldiers may enter from here to the south (Jember) or westward (Situbondo).

On April 14, 1946, the Dutch wanted to hold a landing experiment in Ketapang, but was successfully mobilized by Banyuwangi community leaders including Mr. Nusahra. When the Dutch would attempt to land on the coast of Meneng and the port of Ketapang, on July 20, 1947, the Dutch again failed, as they received strong resistance from Indonesian troops under Major R. Abdul Rifai. The next day, the Dutch again attempted to seize Watudodol by deploying combat aircraft, but was again hit after their ship sank.

Tips Towards to Watu Dodol

  • From the city of Banyuwangi to the port of Ketapang.
  • From Ketapang port about 2 km.
To reach the tourist area of ​​Watu Dodol is very easy because of its position in the provincial road; namely by using the inter-city bus of Surabaya, or take the Railway from Gubeng Station Surabaya to Banyuwangi Baru Station then proceed with vehicles between the villages of colt or isuzu.

If from the direction of Bali, after from the port crossing Meneng - Ketapang distance to Watu Dodol about 2 km using the transportation between villages or buses to Situbondo.

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